The Guns of Aegeroth

Guns were developed early in Aegeroth’s history, originating from the island of Ithragran during its imperial period. The weapons were introduced to other regions through imperial invasions, and then slowly adopted domestically after the empire’s fall. Gunpowder weaponry has never developed in Aegeroth, as the scroll-based guns are faster and more accurate than early real-world firearms. However, guns lack the range and power of bows, making them poor frontline weapons. Instead, concentrated fire is used as a shock tactic, in the form of flanking and rapid advances. Guns are also often used for small squads of flexible skirmishers, as well as some independent units.

Due to their portability and ease of use, Aegeroth’s guns are seen more frequently for personal use, especially in relation to criminal activity. In these cases, they are most commonly seen in the form of revolvers.

Although most of Aegeroth’s guns involve manual chambering, there is an automatic weapon known as a pop gun. Despite a high rate of fire, its use is limited by its weak projectiles and low accuracy, as part of the smaller scrolls’ magic is dedicated to rotating the drum. However, the usefulness of being able to hold down tight corridors, as well as the shock value of a constant stream of bullets, has given the weapon some use in defending castles, as well as amongst the criminally inclined.