The Lu’egal


The Lu’egal are the settled people of central Umbigal, living in farm-towns and cities along the region’s rivers and lakes. The Lu’egal trace their history back to an ancient expedition from the North, specifically associating with the albi who took up farming along the riverways upon their arrival to Aegeroth. Originally a collection of small, independent kingdoms, the Lu’egal united in order to repel an invasion from Ithragran, an alliance that in its aftermath became Umbigal’s first empire.

Although originally predominantly albi, the Lu’egal have become quite diverse, with many members of all Aegeroth’s species referring to themselves using the term. This is not to say Central Umbigal is not also cosmopolitan, however. Many other cultures can be found in the region, both those under imperial control as well as those outside it. These other peoples have come to greatly shape Lu’egal culture, especially in the South.

The degree of cultural exchange in the South, as well as an invasion in the North that crippled the first empire, has led to a cultural division between the Northern and Southern Lu’egal, one more extreme than that amongst the Ruki in the West. Despite this, the Lu’egal still share a strong sense of identity, and it is rare for them not to share a sense of unity as well, regardless of the current state of the Empire.