Imperial Ranger

The imperial rangers are elite soldiers of the Empire, recruited most commonly from the nomadic Ruki who inhabit the Empire’s Western hinterlands. Like the Ruki, imperial rangers are known for their horsemanship, but more often than not function as dragoons, dismounting from their steeds to fight on foot. In battle they are most well known for their magic-based long guns, and are also regarded as skilled swordsmen.

The lavender-colored brigandine coats these soldiers wear are also an iconic part of their kit, and often poorly imitated by would-be mercenaries. The armor protects the ranger from both belligerents and the elements, and as a result is evocative of their combat prowess as well as their rugged survivability.

The combination of these traits, alongside the often solitary and mysterious nature of their duties, has led to a somewhat mythical reputation for the imperial rangers, and even enemies of the Empire often offer at least a begrudging respect to them.