The Ruki


The Ruki are a collection of nomadic peoples dispersed throughout Umbigal’s Western plains and mountains. Surviving off the arid land using a mixture of pastoralism and hunting, Ruki clans are constantly on the move, in pursuit of both fresh grazeland and Aegeroth’s abundant bison herds. Despite their primarily nomadic nature, large towns and cities have been established in resource-rich areas, as well as along important trade routes. Although heavily cosmopolitan, attracting people from all over Aegeroth, these cities have maintained a distinctly Ruki character.

The Ruki’s relationship with Umbigal’s empires has varied considerably, and some scholars would argue cyclically, throughout history. At times the empire is small, and the lands of the Ruki are a vast frontier filled with both potential allies and dangerous enemies. At other times the empire is expansive, and the Ruki serve as a valuable but loosely controlled part of it. And occasionally, a Ruki themself sits on the throne, imperial power emanating from Umbigal’s West instead of its East.

Regardless of their connection to the Empire, the Ruki have contributed to it greatly, both culturally and militarily. Most notable among their military contributions are the imperial rangers, long-gun wielding dragoons renowned as being among the most capable soldiers in all of Aegeroth.

The Ruki’s connection to Umbigal’s empires has also contributed to the bison becoming a symbol for the island as a whole. In addition to being an important resource, the Ruki see the dichotomy between the wild bison and their own domestic cattle as symbolic of indomitable elements of nature. (Source)

Although possessing a broad shared identity and common origin, Ruki associate more heavily with their specific tribe, and will usually refer to themselves as such. But the specific traditions and beliefs that define these tribes are a story for a different time.