Lego Scout

Hi everyone. Here again with another non-Aegeroth related Lego thing, this time the Scout from Team Fortress 2.

Little known fact: Scout is called Jeremy by his friends. You never hear him called this because Scout has no friends.

Scout has the distinction of being the most articulated Lego thing I’ve ever built (not including Bionicle), having a waist swivel, ab crunch, and even shruggable shoulders. And they aren’t even the most fragile parts of his build (it’s his satchel).

Here he is doing every Scout player’s favorite thing: running away.

The scattergun has a moving lever-action, which I thought was pretty cool. I put a lot of thought into the actions for Aegeroth’s guns, and now know that it makes no sense that Scout is using his gun’s action to reload it.

Ignore that his right leg is sliding out of its socket. These things happen.

A shot of weapon storage. Clumsy, but it is there.

Here is Scout drinking the class’s most useful and versatile weapon, the Bonk Atomic Punch. That is why the image is blurry.

And finally, a bonus picture of Scout facing off against my Sangheili Ultra from earlier. I legit have no idea who would win this.