Magic in Aegeroth is a deeply personal activity, one that is learned and practiced in a variety of different ways.  However, all magical practices rely on deep concentration and a sense of inner peace, and none more so than the creation of scrolls.  Scrolls are magical items, but the material aspect of their creation is completely mundane, consisting of copper dust sandwiched between paper and a sheet of wax.

The actual enchanting process itself is a time intensive process, with the amount of time needed increasing alongside the complexity and scale of the spell.  The enchanter, in addition to already possessing an established affinity for magic, must possess the willpower needed to perform the spell much more slowly and more cautiously than usual, and stop it at its apex.  By grasping the scroll between both hands at this moment, the spell is trapped within the copper dust.

The casting of a spell involves magic traveling through the copper based blood of Aegeroth’s people, which they must will to take a specific path through their bodies.  Scrolls work by trapping these spells in an incomplete circuit, one that can be completed with the addition of blood.  A special tool called a scroll knife is used for this purpose, a blade made from an alloy incorporating a small amount of blood.  When a scroll is cut with this tool, the spell activates.

Scrolls are used for a variety of purposes, perhaps most simply (and violently) as a propellant for Aegeroth’s guns, but also as a method of heating and cooling its buildings, shifting the ground for construction, and parting the way for its ships.