The Tenjkuk of Kurgal

A significant minority of the Tenjkuk live in Kurgal (referred to by them as Tachak), inhabiting the island’s Northern coast. Their presence traces back to the invasion of the Tenjkuk conqueror Gul’Chen, who took control of the largely depopulated region only a short while after the Fracturing. Early rulers of the region portrayed the invasion and accompanying migrations as the reunification of two sister peoples, an attitude that has persisted to the present day.

Although still sharing a sense of identity with the people of Kapo, the Tenjkuk in Kurgal have adopted many of the practices of the Yilgez, including widespread face painting and strict standards of inheritance and loyalty. Most notable among these adopted practices, however, is religion, with many of the Tenjkuk in Kurgal incorporating the Carver into their pantheon. Although not all do so, those that have view him as creating the kapi in an act of artistic expression, the same as the Yilgez do.