Lego Sangheili Ultra

Hi everyone. I know it’s unrelated to Aegeroth, but I just wanted to share with you all this Sangheili Ultra I built out of Lego.

Unfortunately, one of the little black tailfin things on the plasma rifle fell off, and I hadn’t yet found it when I took these pictures.

This was one of those Lego builds where everything I tried ended up coming together exactly or almost exactly how I envisioned it. I was pretty proud of how it turned out, both in look and in posability.

Here he is doing the classic Halo roar. I put some energy shield generators on the right arm and behind the calves. Although obviously based on the Ultra armor from Halo Reach, I did buff up the armor on his left arm à la Halo 2.

The Sangheili Ultra is the toughest Sangheili enemy you fight in Halo Reach, since the Generals just constantly roar and let you pummel them to death.

Here he is doing the proud warrior stance.

A shot of the back, showcasing the weapon storage. Probably could have done more detail on the backplate. Potential revision for version two.

And finally, a goofy pose to showcase his range of motion, as well as stability. It was actually kind of windy when I took this one, which further showcases how well he can balance. Not that I kept him like this for very long. I am a risk averse person, especially when it comes to Lego.

Halo has a lot of guns. Aegeroth also has guns. You can read about them here.