Yilgez Warrior

The Yilgez as a people are widely known for their martial prowess, especially that of their agile skirmisher infantry. Traversing the mountainous terrain of Kurgal, they strike with sudden force, capable of shattering disciplined formations and holding their own against charging cavalry.

The specific Yilgez pictured here is a dame hailing from the more forested region of Kurgal’s South. Her gear is very typical of the Yilgez, especially the javelins, which see just as much use in times of peace as they do in war. The tunic is designed specifically to be worn with the chain vest, and its pattern ends where the armor begins.

Each Yilgez warrior paints their own shield, often evoking particular petty kingdoms and lords but not following any specific heraldry. Shields of particularly famous soldiers can become objects of great value, being highly coveted and passed down through the ages.